Late Season Frost Damage to Corn

An early frost, during the grain-tilling period, in September can cause losses in corn yield and quality. Losses will depend on the temperature, duration, and corn growth stage at the time of the frost. Frost damaged corn management will depend on the corn growth stage and severity of damage. Agronomic ALERT – Late Season Frost…

Discolored Soybean Seed

Source: Lara Sweets, University of Missouri  |   September 26, 2011
This may be a year when soybean seed discoloration is a problem in Missouri. Soybean diseases are one of several factors that can cause discoloration and deterioration of soybean seed. The late season soybean diseases, which can lead to discolored soybean seed tend to be favored by wet conditions, including frequent rains, heavy dews and high humidity, as plants mature or if harvest is delayed due to wet conditions. 

Top Leaf Death or “dieback” in Corn

Source: R.L. (Bob) Nielsen, Purdue University  |   September 7, 2011 As a corn crop progresses toward physiological maturity, the leaves naturally begin to senesce (die). The timing and pattern of leaf senescence are genetically regulated but are also influenced by environmental triggers, including severe photosynthetic stress. In years where much of the grain fill period is…