Rootless Corn Syndrome

Rootless corn syndrome, occasionally referred to as “floppy corn syndrome,” has been appearing in corn fields. What is causing this phenomenon, and what are the management implications? Now is the time for growers to evaluate their fields for root development issues.

Spotlight: Agronomic ALERT Rootless Corn Syndrome

Black Cutworm Management for Corn

Corn seedlings can be clipped by black cutworm (BCW, Agrostis ipsilon) larvae, which can result in stand loss. To avoid stand loss from clipped seedlings, persistent scouting is needed to help determine if economic thresholds have been met. Management options include; planting Genuity® SmartStax® traits. Applying Acceleron® Seed Treatment Products, starting with a clean field,…

Uneven Early Season Growth in Corn

Several factors can contribute to uneven corn emergence and growth early in the season. Replanting is not often justified due to uneven stands; however, understanding why uneven emergence occurred can help minimize the risk in the future. Additionally, consideration should be given to how uneven early growth can affect the implementation of some management tools…