Our family has been immersed in the seed business for more than 70 years. We can’t imagine one without the other. We have always considered farmers who buy seed from us to be part of our family. As the fourth generation of Sylvester’s steps in to lead our team, we remain deeply committed to this core value. You can count on us to deliver.


It’s our simple way of explaining what we can offer farmers who buy seed from us, but it’s far from basic. To us, performance spans the crop cycle, especially in these key areas.


We’ve earned a reputation for offering a high-performing seed portfolio because we’ve conducted more in-field trials than anyone else in the region. We’ll build on this by testing new technologies and tools like Climate FieldView. You can expect smarter plots and data driven results.


We farm too, so we get it: matching seed to the right place in your field is a big deal. Our team can offer you deep knowledge about how to select our best corn, soybean and wheat products to match your specific growing conditions in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri


When you plant Midland Genetics, you know it’s going to do well. We have forgedstrong relationships with the ag industry’s key suppliers so that we can offer you the full spectrumof trait innovations to protect and boost the yield potential of our solid genetics.


See the results and find the best match for your area.