Product recommendations you receive from Midland Genetics are based on local agronomic and seed placement knowledge applied to maximize the potential of our genetics and powerful technologies from all the major seed trait developers. Our annual research results help you find the products with the greatest performance results in your area.

How to use this page

  • Go to the region where you farm-
    • This shows all tests that were conducted in that region.  It shows the highest yielding genetics in that region in 2017.  It also gives multi-year results when available.
    • Individual test results for 2017 are listed below, including all Midland and state tests.
    • Replicated tests are planted and harvested with research equipment.
    • Strip tests are planted with 2 row planters by us, and harvested with cooperators’ combine and our weigh wagon.


2017 Corn Research Results

REGIONAL RESULTS (preliminary)

Start Here for your local yield test results.

2017 Soybean Research Results

REGIONAL RESULTS (preliminary)

Start Here for your local yield test results.


Liberty Link Tests


No data yet. Check back soon.