Top Leaf Death or “dieback” in Corn

Source: R.L. (Bob) Nielsen, Purdue University  |   September 7, 2011 As a corn crop progresses toward physiological maturity, the leaves naturally begin to senesce (die). The timing and pattern of leaf senescence are genetically regulated but are also influenced by environmental triggers, including severe photosynthetic stress. In years where much of the grain fill period is…

Greensnap and Lodging Issues in Corn

Greensnap mainly occurs in the Western to Central Corn Belt where high winds are more prevalent.  Rapidly growing corn in the late vegetative stages to tasseling is most vulnerable to greensnap.  Rainstorms, with high winds, impact the likelihood of greensnap as well as root lodging. Agronomic ALERT – Greensnap and Corn Lodging